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Rainebaby Principles

Each and every company has their own special way in which they are trying to help the environment, and to ensure that they are doing their part in global responsibility.  Whether it is the products they carry, the materials in the products, the production methods they use, or the goal or value of the business there are many ways to promote healthy lifestyles, green living, and environmental consciousness.  We try to apply these principles to what we do as well.  Part of that is in educating you, the user, of what principle each of the companies and organizations that we list on Rainebaby share with us.

Below is a list of the symbols that we use throughout the site to demonstrate the principles that each company shares along with an explanation and description of what each princple is.


Organic Products and Materials

Healthy lifestyles include choosing organic products, and products that are made with organic materials.  Companies that adhere to this idea are proudly displayed with the Organic Materials symbol - demonstrating the proper use of organic materials in their products.


Renewable Resources

Nature provides us with a vast array of sources for materials and resources. Whether it is renewable energy sources like the sun or wind, or natural resources like cotton or bamboo. If a company follows the principle of using renewable and natural resources in their production methods and their material choices then they may proudly display the Renewable Resources symbol on their listing.


Recycled Materials

One of the greatest impacts every individual can make, with the smallest amount of effort, when it comes to green living is recycling. This simple act can greatly reduce the ecological impact we have on the environment, and can help to reduce the amount of waste that we are piling up. Some companies are catching on to the value of this as part of their business ethic, and as such if the company uses recycled materials in the production of their products we are happy to include the Recycled Materials symbol on their listing.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade and Handmade Products

The value of a human beings efforts cannot be measured by the profit they will provide to the corporation that employs them. That is the starting point for the idea behind Fair Trade. By giving more of the money back to the farmers, craftsmen, and manufacturers of the products we purchase – we ensure that we are improving the lives of the people that are producing our lifestyle products instead of just increasing the profits of the corporations. Companies that purchase and sell fair trade products, or individuals or small companies that sell handmade products will be provided with the Fair Trade symbol on their listing, letting you know that this company is a good chocie to buy from because they are giving more back to the people that deserve it.

Ecological Footprint

Ecological Footprint

We all need to work harder at reducing our personal demand on nature. By choosing sustainable and lower impact goods, we will reduce our personal consumption of natural resources and help to do our part in returning a balance with Earth's resource capacity. Companies that believe in finding that balance with nature, and that are working towards that principle in their products, production methods, or even in trying to offset their output will be given the Ecological Footprint symbol to let you know that this is a company that is aware of the need for change in order to help us all live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Charitable Donations

Charitable Donations

Sometimes giving back doesn't necessarily mean to the Earth, sometimes it just means doing more to help other people. That is where the principle of Charitable Donations comes in. Companies that go that extra step when it comes to giving are rewarded themselves with the Charitable Donations symbol, showing that they are donating back a portion of the money they receive when you shop with them or are giving back in other ways.